Planetary Futures Goals

Blending futures-thinking and radical collaboration Futures Studios bring students together to explore the futures of technology, society, and creativity. Together with UAL Futures and IAM, participants’ collective mission is to define a set of Planetary Futures Goals — and activate creative projects.

Empowered Data, Conscious Networks, Label-less Spaces and Cosmic Data are the 4 Planetary Futures Goals for 2030 created by Futures Studio participants in 2017/18.


Planetary Futures Goal 2030 #1

Empowered Data
presents 'Turtle'

Planetary Futures Goal 2030 #2

Conscious Networks
presents 'Choices'


Planetary Futures Goal 2030 #3

Label-less Spaces
presents 'OSpaces'

Planetary Futures Goal 2030 #4

Cosmic Data
presents 'The Cosmic Data Collection'