UAL Futures Studio 2030 Planetary Goal:
Label-less Spaces presents 'OSpaces'



OSpace is a collective project bringing together government agencies, community groups, general members of the public and private-sector experts to transform and evolve the future of public spaces. With every project talk or event, we act as a catalyst –we serve as a facilitator between the space and the public, encouraging use of the spaces.


Public spaces are being sold for profit and are increasingly becoming more and more regulated. Cities should belong to the people. It's time to reclaim the space.
There is a complete lack of transparency regarding these rules and regulations, leading to a decrease in use of the spaces and general public confusion, all the while creating a disparity between the city and its inhabitants.

In order for the public to effectively use public space, there are three key ideas that must be addressed:

  • The need to know where the public spaces are.
  • They need to know what they are allowed to do in the space.
  • They need a reason to visit the space.


O-space connects individuals with public spaces, privately or government owned, to encourage greater social exchanges in public through bottom-up initiated events.


Through positive interruptions in public spaces including performances, art installations and participatory events, we hope to raise awareness about the ownership of public space, and encourage radical use of the public spaces. We will use the public spaces in London as a case study, but create a manifesto for public spaces that can be applied to and adopted by any city.

The knowledge and means required to take back the space. A series of ongoing interruptions/events taking place in public spaces - for the public to participate in. A website will be made that features the manifesto for public spaces, where they are, and ways to use them.