UAL Futures Studio 2030 Planetary Goal:
Empowered Data presents 'Turtle'



Empowered Data exists to help everyone take back control of their digital selves. From reclaiming ownership of information, to helping people track their data footprint, our aim is to help people by empowering their data.


When it comes to the virtual world, we find ourselves feeding blindly our personal data into the system with little or no awareness of where it is going and how it is being used. So do we care less or just donโ€™t know better?

In todayโ€™s data driven society, we are faced with various ethical issues. The immensely long terms and conditions attempt to complicate and confuse. Data brokers collect and trade information that many people would hope to be private. Many big corporations like Facebook collaborate with data brokers in order to target advertisements in a more personal manner.


How might total ownership of our data empower us?
How might data be regulated but not controlled?
Should we be worried about how our data is being used?
Should people have full transparency to the usage of their data?


Turtle is a new app which is redefining the connection between people and data. We want to give people back control of their data. We believe that everyone deserves to have a choice. Think of Turtle as a data ad blocker for your phone, computer and life. It detects when a company, app or website is taking your data and stops them in their tracks. You have the final say in whether they can have your data or not. 

Our app breaks down the information that you are giving away in both physical and online environments. Showing you exactly what data is being taken from you. Turtle lays it out clear and simple who is taking what. You then have the choice block or allow the data transaction.