UAL Futures Studio 2030 Planetary Goal:
Cosmic Data
presents 'The Cosmic Data Collection'



Cosmic Data is a planetary movement devoted to the creation of personalized cosmic experiences. We believe in the power of data and we want everyone to be able to consciously engage with them.


Private data is still an unfamiliar concept to the larger audience, it is mostly associated to marketing strategies and corporations and its potential is not fully understood. Their ubiquity though makes it fundamental to not only acknowledge personal data, but to
master it, and employ it to generate customized services.
For this purpose we decided to highlight two major aspects of the output we want to achieve: the Cosmic one and the Personalized one. Cosmic feeling for us is ground breaking emotions, some sort of awakening inspired by progressive thinking which will lead to a change in perspective or an improved sense of self. Whereas personalized is a growing trend to improve user experience. Made possible by the collection of personal data it results in tailored and unique services responding to the needs of each individual.


Our aim is not to leave the use of data exclusively to corporations, analysts and researchers but to inspire every individual to engage with their personal data and to think beyond the boundaries. We developed an Idea Generator card game, which will be used in companies, schools and individually to inspire and push people to think creatively and to come up with alternative cosmic scenarios and services to improve the use of data in the future. By 2030 our goal is to create a Cosmic collective which means that everyone is aware of their personal data and the endless possibilities these hold.


Our idea generator card game is easy to play, the number of players is variable and there is
one dealer for every round.
We created two piles of cards, one represents the 'personalized' element of the service, what makes it specifically tailored for its users, while the other pile gathers the cosmic feelings. These are the 'magical'and ground breaking element of the service. Each player is provided with three Personalized Cards while the dealer is going to reveal one Cosmic card, the players then need to come up with a new service or experience matching one of their Personalized Cards with the dealerโ€™s one. The result is an innovative Cosmic Experience that involves a more conscious use of data.