UAL Futures Studio 2030 Planetary Goal:
Conscious Networks presents 'Choices'



Conscious Networks explores how together we can make the world an ethical and sustainable place - fair for people, businesses and the planet.


The internet increased our consumerist behaviours, offering quick and easy products anywhere and at any time. This had altered our perception of the impact that the way we consume has around the globe. We consume uninformed about the complexity behind the processes that make and deliver our products and services.

However, many individuals, businesses and official institutions are concerned about the impact these behaviours have on the planet. Many collectives are in fact using the internet to share, inform, influence and create new models, methods and practices to make products and services built on values that align our demands with the sustainable requirements needed to decrease our negative impact on the planet.


We want to make sustainable businesses more visible and accessible to people, giving these the possibility of discovering and exploring the options around them and informing them about the global impact that eventually these choices have on the planet.


We aim to create a movement, to empower and inform people on how to effectively consume consciously. As a means to our objective, we want to develop a platform that groups together physical and digital services that work within a set of economic, environmental and ethical guidelines to allow the user to make more conscious choices when buying, consuming or generally being informed. We want to offer an easy, quick and sustainable alternative to traditional consumption