In partnership with IAM the UAL Futures Studio mission for 2017/18 is to collectively define a set of Planetary Futures Goals for 2030, and activate creative responses to achieve our aims.  

Together as one studio, our purpose is to prototype projects to connect and empower people to critically understand and shape the way technology impacts the futures for the things they care about. 

How might youth shape


in 2030?

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Planetary Futures Goals for 2030

Reached by consensus. Synthesised from trend research and alternative futures narratives. A set of goals and provocations to guide creative responses. 

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launched at UAL Futures Summit 2018

An informal gathering to share and connect with learning partners, UAL friends, family, storytellers and young creatives around food, drinks and music. 

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aimed to share the Creative Projects

Responding to Planetary Futures Goals. Reflecting our studio principles. Purpose-driven projects, campaigns and initiatives to empower people to take action.

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that we'll showcase at IAM Weekend 2018

At IAM Weekend Barcelona 2018 the goals and projects will be showcased. A chance to connect with a planetary audience of thinkers, artists and magic makers. 

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